#deepdream works internetworkshop


The Exchange Booth, 2019
INC, MoneyLab #7, Amsterdam

Koonsthalle, The White Page Gallery , 2019
initiative of Dom Barra

The Wrong Biennale, Very Large Works, 2019

OPT-OUT Parallel Polis annual hackers congress
Prague, Czeck Republic
WannaTry again?, 2019
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IASIS/HEALING, WannaTry?, 2019
Loutraki, Greece

Near Enough? NFCDAB #3, 2018
Near Field Communication Digital Art Biennale, 3rd edition, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

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Infoavond WIV, 2018
Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

BrowserBased Valentine, 2018
Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

TU Delft, 2017
Research into Data Carriers

Paleis van Mieris, 2017

Project Samenlevingsovereenkomst

Friday, 11 november 2016
Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
Selling my Hungarian nationality
Project Samenlevingsovereenkomst

18 October 2016
Workshop for TU Delft with Sander Veenhof
On datacollection and the Internet of Anonymous Things

Internet, lego en robotworkshops voor kinderen tussen de 3 en 11 jaar
2016, op verschillende lokaties

Internetworkshop voor kinderen tussen de 8 en 11 jaar
29 december 2015 - Huis van de Wijk, Belgieplein, Amsterdam

Digital Biannale in Wrozlav, Poland
with BrowserBased.org

2 december 2015
Nerds on the Stage, Rotterdam
With Sander Veenhof

31 October - 21 November 2015
Media Art Festival(MAF), Leeuwarden
Participant in Young Masters Award exposition

25 September - 4 October 2015
Discovery Festival, Nemo, Amsterdam
With Sander Veenhof

10 - 13 September 2015
GOGBOT Festival, Enschede
With Sander Veenhof

1 - 19 September 2015
Open Atelier Residency #3
Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

With Elisabeth Ida Mulyani and Peter Puype



Data awareness project

There is no offline anymore. If you carry a phone, but even if you're just in someone's picture, background, in the photo they have on their home's wall, you're online. Your every move generates personal data. This data is you. What you click on, what you download, what you post is part of your identity, part of your person. It's about time we realize that even if we don't have anything to hide from prying eyes, maybe we have something to protect.
The first project in my research is a collection of my cookies on Instagram, follow them following me!

Collages in the age of digital reproduction

A series of cut and paste collages

Collages for my Hungarian-Dutch background

A series of images I have made when I changed nationality


A series of flyers I have made for the events and lectures of BrowserBased.org

Shift Operations, Paleis van Mieris, 2016

Out of Office curated by Matthew Britton, where automatic replies are turned into online art.

Communication break. Temporarily unavailable at gmail dot com

BrowserBased Residency at Cimatics, 2016

Pondering the unintended consequences of the Internet

BrowserBased Gardening, 2nd nfc Biennale, Wrozlaw, Poland 2016

Graduation work 2015

IRL/URL information streams of the internet

Graduation work 2015

how to make a pond

Website for graduation work 2015

printscreen of website unstable.media

The complicated patters pixels make

pixel moire

The poetry of data loss

Starting from the image of a nebula the video looses data - reverse engineering the creation of the universe.

The Poetry of Data Loss

Mondriaan remade out of textareas

Mondriaan formart remake

Dear Dead Diary

Around 2000 there has been a surge in blogs that were set up with great care, users planned a great future for their online diary only to abanndon it after the first post. The game is to type in a word that is not connected to a blog or find a blog that is still active.

Dear Dead Diaries

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