The internet has only been around for a couple of decades, but life without it is now unthinkable. It has integrated so fast and so deeply into all the corners of our every day life, that it has become invisible. The internet is a given and wel barely even stand still to ask the many questions it brings up. Such as: what actually IS the internet?
What can you do with it?
Whom can you meet?
Whom can you better avoid?
How can you protect yourself against bullying?
How can you protect your privacy?
What is good information and how do you recognize it?
What is the difference between the web and the internet?
What is a browser?
What is the deep web?
What is deep dream?
What is big data?
How data literate are we?
And why are there so many cats online?

Such and more questions are addressed in my hands-on workshops for kids, parents, elderly, and many other groups.

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