2009-2015 Gerriet Rietveld Academy, Interaction Design/Unstable Media (Ba)
1999-2005 English (Ma)
1999-2005 Communication Sciences (Ma)

Group Exhibitions:

2019 The Exchange Booth, Institute of Networked Cultures INC, MoneyLab #7, Amsterdam
2019 Koonsthalle,The White Page Gallery,initiative of Dom Barra, online
2019 The Wrong Biennale, Very Large Works, online
2019 OPT-OUT Parallel Polis annual hackers congress, Prague, Czeck Republic
2019 WannaTry again? Rio de Janeiro
2019 WannaTry? IASIS/HEALING tilt platform, Loutraki, Greece
2018 Near Enough? nfcdab#3, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
2018 NRW Forum ADA Biennale Düsseldorf, Germany
2017 off-Road, Paleis van Mieries, Amsterdam
2016 Market Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
2016 Cinematics, Brussels
2016 Shift Operations, Paleis van Mierins, Amsterdam
2016 Lawn Enforcement, Digital Biennial, Wrozlav, Poland
2015 Young Masters Award, Media Art Festival, Leeuwarden
2015 Discovery Festival with Sander Veenhof, Nemo, Amsterdam
2015 Gogbot with Sander Veenhof, The Internet of Common Things
2015 Finissage Open Atelier 3, Amsterdam
2015 Yami Ichi, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
2015 The 7ft monaddigital exhibition: "FlaNetrie" -, online
2015 Printed Web #3 -, online
2014 Transmediale Yami Ichi - with, Berlin
2014 10 years of Dogtime - with, Amsterdam
2014 Yami Ichi - with, Brussels
2013 Rietveld in de Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
2013 MuseumN8, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam
2013 BYOB outside edition, Amsterdam
2013 Hyperlocal, a router exhibition of, Amsterdam
2012 Waag Pop-up gallery, MuseumN8, Amsterdam
2012 Setup expo NewAesthetics, Utrecht
2012 BYOB, Utrecht
2010 Wilkommen072, Alkmaar
2009 KLM Suitcase-art, Budapest and Schiphol /won public prize/


2017 Cleanroom TU Delft, Delft
2016 BrowserBased group Residency at Cimatics, Brussels
2015 Open Atelier 3, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
2012 MQ with Setup, flash-residency, Vienna, Austria

Workshops given, other events

2016 TU Delft with Sander Veenhof - All your data belong to us
2016 Nerds on stage with Sander Veenhof, Eindhoven
2015 Gogbot with Sander Veenhof - The Internet of Common Things
2015 Internet for kids
2015 Internet for elderly
2013 How to be an artist - Acta On the Road Festival, Amsterdam

Workshops done

2017 Art Practices by the European Cultural Academy, Venice, Italy
2015 Hacking Habitat on Bureaucracy, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2015 Hacking Habitat on Privacy, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2013 Internetworkshop given by Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev at the Waag, Amsterdam


2015 Thesis - What we talk about when we talk about the internet
2012-2014 for the blog of the Rijksacademie and for its Open Days.


2015 PK20 Discovery Festival, Nemo, Amsterdam
2013 Patafysische Salon, The WorldBrain and its Dimension Ports


2015 Hoe word je gelukkig in vijf stappen?
2012 Ruim je internet eens op